Monday, March 23, 2009

Promoting Your Etsy Shop - Quick Tips

Good Morning Everyone,

Since we all have etsy in common I thought why not start out our Monday with some great tips on promoting and growing our etsy shops. I found a great blog Etsy Wiki it has lots of great info on how to create and promote your etsy shop. Check it out to learn some great ideas. Here is a sample of some of the tips from the blog:

Promoting Your Etsy Shop – How to Sell on Etsy
Here is the deeply simplified how-to on promoting and marketing your Etsy shop:

1. If possible, list an item daily.

2. Announce your new items in the promotions forum on Etsy; there are community threads every day where you can add your items to group promotions posts. Keep single promotions listings to one new item per day. “Bumping” posts is frowned upon.

3. Make the most of your listings, in the description copy, your storefront, and especially in product photos. Good photos prompt clicks. Bad photos will prevent purchases.

4. Etsy is more than a venue; it’s a resource. Any seller on Etsy has access to the talents required to create graphics and promotion items necessary for a diy/arts business.

5. Use relist when possible; only really committed buyers look beyond the first two pages.

Happy Etsy Shopping
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